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Runner-Up, Best Splurge: Sony Xperia 10 at Amazon, "If you’re willing to push the $ envelope, you’ll find the Sony Xperia 10 is a worthwhile smartphone." Best Ultra-Budget: Samsung Galaxy J2 Core at Amazon, "A full smartphone design for a tiny fraction of the average smartphone price.". Jul 09,  · Buying a smartphone but can’t decide which one to choose? Buying a perfect smartphone can be a tough task because there are so many choices and so many suggestions. In this post, you will see only those smartphone which worth buying and are best smartphones under $ There are many factors which make a smartphone good or bad for you. Best Android phones under dollars. Today is an era of technology boom and head to head competition. Especially after entry of companies of Xiaomi, Oneplus, Moto G series, every single mobile brand wants to offer the best features at affordable price.

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Trust me, I am a big fan of Google pixel smartphones, and I always want to have one to experience it closely. But my one and the only problem is my budget. Today is an era of technology boom and head to head competition. Especially after entry of companies of Xiaomi, Oneplus, Moto G series, every single mobile brand wants to offer the best features at affordable price. Not all smartphones available in the market can be considered as good or value for money.

How so, because smartphones 300 dollars just want to make the profit by fooling you. If at any point you feel that there is a problem with my review, smartphones 300 dollars, feel free to share it in the comment section. The Huawei Mate SE is an Android smartphone with a powerful processor and an edge-to-edge screen, that offers great performance at a budget price.

Build quality is usually one of the sticking points with budget phones, however, Huawei has made an effort smartphones 300 dollars ensure that this phone looks and feels like a top quality device. The medal design is robust, and the glass face merges seamlessly with the smartphones 300 dollars. This device is more than up to gaming, watching videos, and using social media, smartphones 300 dollars. It has a 5, smartphones 300 dollars.

Perhaps the best feature of the Huawei Mate SE is the battery. The mAh battery means smartphones 300 dollars you can play Pokemon Go or watch videos without having to worry about connecting up your power brick right away, smartphones 300 dollars. You can be confident that the GPS will get you where you need to be, and you can listen to music on your smartphones 300 dollars too. Another nice selling point of the Huawei Mate SE is the camera.

It has a faster clock speed than the Snapdragonand outperforms it on most benchmarks. This makes it great for running the vast majority of apps and still a reliable choice for general gaming. There are some areas where the Snapdragon can out-perform it, thanks to having the Adreno GPU, but unless you plan on using your phone exclusively as a gaming device where the GPU will have a more noticeable impactsmartphones 300 dollars, the Kirin is a wise choice.

Overallsmartphones 300 dollars, there is a lot to love about the Huawei Mate SE. In addition to the core features mentioned above, you will find ample storage, with 64GB for photos, videos, apps and games, and 4GB RAM for day to day smartphones 300 dollars. The phone is Dual SIM too, so if you want your home and work numbers on one phone, you can do that.

If you want to call internationally, you can do that. If you want a phone that is snappy, has a nice screen, and a good camera, for an affordable price, this will not disappoint. Motorola is considered by many to be the best budget smartphone manufacturer. Their G6 is no different. Buy Now. The phone features a 5. This has been an ongoing trend within the premium sector and Motorola decided to go with the trend with their budget offering.

However, the display lives up to expectations based on its budget category and price point. Smartphones 300 dollars is an area that the Moto G6 offers a good amount of value smartphones 300 dollars. With a 3,mAh sized battery, it is capable of delivering a good amount of battery life for the average user. While it will not be able to be substituted as the ideal phone for those considered power users, it is certainly capable enough in this regard within its respective price point.

With this phone, you should be able to use it on a daily basis and expect snappy performance with no noticeable lag while switching between apps or even while using browser tabs. The graphics performance is the same as the previous iteration as the GPU remains unchanged. However, no budget phone should be used for serious gaming anyways. The phone itself offers one of the better build qualities that you will find in the budget category.

While the choice of materials might have some flaws, the phone feels excellent in the hand. Not only is it well proportioned, but it offers a premium feel in the hand.

It offers Gorilla Glass 3 on the back of the phone while some might prefer. Along with this, the excellent proportioning of the phone makes it one of the best feeling phones in the hand.

This design is absolutely perfect smartphones 300 dollars one-handed users. Another big change from the previous iteration comes smartphones 300 dollars the introduction of USB-C connectivity and charging, smartphones 300 dollars. Overallthis is one of the better values within the budget category.

Motorola remains one of the best budget manufacturers on the market. They offer one of the lowest priced smartphones within the category without lacking in neither build quality or performance. The display might not be the best in its category, it offers excellent value and performance for the money. As long as you are not expecting out of this world gaming performance, you are likely to be very satisfied with the purchase of the G6.

It has the compromises that you would expect within the budget category but offers premium value in certain categories making it very compelling.

It is the latest iteration of the Nokia 6. The Nokia 6 entered the marketplace and earned many tech blogs award for the best budget phone of the year, smartphones 300 dollars. Buy at lowest price. The 6. This is typically where you will see a lot of manufacturers looking to make concessions in order to lower the overall manufacturing cost of budget phones. However, Nokia managed to pack in a very impressive display that can compete with mid-tier and even higher-end phones on the market.

They managed to pack the phone with a gorgeous 5, smartphones 300 dollars. Along with this, the screen comes with Gorilla Glass 3 which means that it is built with durability in mind.

The display alone makes this phone one of the better values on the market. You simply cannot tell from looking at it or using it that it is a budget phone. Battery life is another area where a lot of manufacturers look to cut corners when they are looking to bring out a budget smartphone, smartphones 300 dollars. Luckily, Nokia understands how important battery life is to their customers much better than other manufacturers, smartphones 300 dollars.

Smartphones 300 dollars packs in a 3,mAh battery that can typically last all day and it comes with fast charging compatibility through the new standard USB-C. This was one of the major criticisms of the previous iteration and they listened to the feedback and updated the newer model to the USB-C standard.

The phone does lack wireless charging but not many budget phones will come with this feature that is typically only found in premium offerings. This is another area that 6. Because of the optimization, they offer and because they offer a mostly pure Android experience, the performance feels snappy and it delivers good day-to-day use.

That being said, the camera performance is certainly adequate for its price tier and remains one of the better budget cameras on the market. This is where Nokia manages to outshine the rest of the competition within the budget sector. The simple truth, this is the best-built budget phone on the market. The brand is well known for producing some of the highest build quality phones on the market and the 6. In fact, it is in the running for one of the most durable phones in the entire marketplace.

Not only does it feature some of the most durable materials being made up of anodized metal, but it features a minimalistic design with complementing accent colors. Along with this, it comes with optimal fingerprint placement right on the back of the phone where you would typically rest your index finger as most manufacturers are doing. Overallthis is one of the best budget phones for the entire market.

Nokia managed to deliver outstanding value at a budget price without many compromises. Not only does it offer superior build quality, smartphones 300 dollars, but it hits on many other marks that a lot of other manufacturers miss on when delivering budget smartphones. Buy now at the lowest price. There are a lot of great looking phones available on the market, but none are as sleek and stunning to look at as the Honor 6x.

It is indeed one among the best phone under It is also one of the most successful smartphones in the Chinese market. The honor 6x is a truly a smartphone made for the youngsters. The phone equipped with all necessities, including 5. It is fueled by a 1. Plus, the Smart Filesystem makes Honor 6x powerful that will seamlessly allow for gaming, browsing, listening to music and running multiple application at the same time. You can see the dual camera in the image attached below.

This phone also comes with an inbuilt application which allows you to customize and beautify your photos. It also includes a third-generation fingerprint scanner which allows you to unlock your phone at the touch of your finger in merely 0. The Device runs Android 6. It is powered by a massive mAh non-removable battery that can last up to two days or one and a half day of heavy usage.

This technology allows the device to react differently to different levels of pressure you apply on the screen. Thus offering you the best in class user experience. Since the body is build up of aerospace-grade aluminum, this phone has an ultra smooth, sleek and smartphones 300 dollars indestructible body. On the front, you will get an outstanding, wide touchscreen and at the bottom, you get a fingerprint scanner.

It has a full high definition, 5. The screen resolution is X and the pixel density per inches is The smooth curves at the corner give its a very pleasant look and feel. It prevents the display from external damages and scratches. It offers to process speed up to 2.

Overall, you can say that each and every requirement is fulfilled in order to offer you the smoothest gaming experience and daily business activity.


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Jun 05,  · The last model on our list of the best unlocked Android phones is the Sony Xperia 1. It has a large inch display with 4K resolution and an aspect ratio of , which makes it quite tall. May 30,  · Not that long ago, with a budget under dollars you could only afford a borderline-decent smartphone, with a low performance, a weak camera and overall, there was a mile between it and the more expensive, high-end flagship phones. But, a couple of years back, we have noticed a . Best Android phones under dollars. Today is an era of technology boom and head to head competition. Especially after entry of companies of Xiaomi, Oneplus, Moto G series, every single mobile brand wants to offer the best features at affordable price.